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Technical Services

Technical experts, ready to help

Our technical services team can help you with any project, large or small at a price that will make your CFO smile.

Built on a team of highly experienced Systems Administrators, TulsaConnect's Technical Services team has decades of experience ready to bring to your project.

From environment design, cloud conversions, network design, DR planning, licensing, security and even general troubleshooting, TulsaConnect can bring all of it's experience in to help.

Technical Services

Need someone to help manage your systems? Have a large project and need some extra help? Want to actually let your IT people take a vacation and not leave your users without help? Our highly skilled Technical Services team can help. Available exclusively to our cloud and colocation customers, our Technical Services group can be your IT staff or augment your existing IT staff on an as needed basis. Worried about paying a monthly retainer for a service you may not use? Don’t be. Our technical services can bill on a per hour or per project basis. No more wasted money for services you may not need, just call us when you need us. Subject to availability. Contact us below to find out more.

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