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Why Customers Choose Us

Top 10 Reasons to Choose TulsaConnect

1. Our Employees

Our employees are the best in the business, and many have been with us for over 20 years. Ask your current hosting company if they can make the same claim. Once you become a client, you will be on a first-name basis with our staff, and when you call, they will know you and your business. Personal service is what we are all about.

2. Our Lights Are Always On

We are a 24x7x365 company. Our Data Centers operate non-stop, with multiple levels of backup power and network connectivity to ensure your services are always available when you need them. Our network uptime over the last 17 years is greater than 99.999%, a number we are proud of and will work hard to maintain.

3. We Answer The Phone

In 2018, our average hold time for support was 19 seconds.

4. Operating Since 1996

We've been in the hosting and Internet services business longer than any other privately owned company in Oklahoma. We've demonstrated stability through the Internet boom and bust, and are here to stay. You won't find anyone with more experience.

5. Best Data Centers in the Region

We've built the best Data Centers in the area, period. Click here to see for yourself.

6. Big Pipes

With multiple 10-Gig links from the biggest Internet backbones, we've got the pipes to handle your big bandwidth needs.

7. Afforable Value

We provide great value. Check our prices, compare our features. We are not always the low cost provider, but we provide the greatest overall value.

8. Locally owned, profitable and here to stay

Our entire staff lives, works, and worships right here in Green Country. We have been profitable since inception and plan to stay that way.

9. No Suits or Ties

We don't have fancy titles or fancy clothes - all of our employees, including the owners, get involved on a daily basis taking care of customers.

10. Don't take our word for it...

Sure, we can make a lot of promises and extol our virtues, but the proof is in the pudding. Ask any TC sales executive for a customer reference today!

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